Tuesday, September 24, 2013

True King (working title haha) WIP

Still pretty rough in the painting stages, but I wanted to at least throw something on it so it can be on its way. Still figuring out if I should make the rock peak a little smaller or change the shape to better suit it. Blocked in the peak to see how it felt so far, but I think ill get the full effect once the characters are blocked in and well.
Went into color first for this one, can't see a pretty romantic pink sky in grayscale values, so I'm going to try and tackle it monochromatically first and then introduce the colors I in vision into the painting. 
I was at first going to have more contrast in the clouds, but it was too much attention, we'll how they come out once everything is fleshed out! 
I still need to play with different variations in scale for the baboons, that might be easier once they're blocked in and I can see everything clearly (I have a super weird painting process haha)
Again! I welcome feedback! 
Cheers blogmates!

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