Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

This week work

This week, I tried to be more creative than just coping what I'm looking at.
Try to do more critical thinking.

  • First image is I found a cool sculpture in pinterest. there were lot of details and was realistic, so I tried to think more graphically and focus on shapes.
  • Second image is Murloc from Heartstone. I've been obsessed playing this game since last week. game rule is super simple and easy to remember, but still very complex.
  • Third and Fourth image is interesting, because I collect random images from pinterest I was interested at the moment. I did bird hat, because I found out bird is very playful and their feathers are gorgeous. and Space Monkey is because Space X recently successfully launched Falcon 9 into orbit with multiple satellites. Glad they made out to orbit.

I think I want to continue this for a while.
It gives me lot of perception and value of my memory.
color is weird cause I'm still learning god dam it.
but I think my drawing skill really improved.
soo... thats good to know.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Cheers guys.

Soooooo, I .... or We've been forgetting about this blog for long time.
and I think it's a great time to start it again.

Since Irshad showed his amazing works he did for past few years...
I wanna share mine too.

I'll included part of Homeworks I did for Brainstorm School. (Midterm and Final)
and some of personal stuff.

First from Brainstorm school
I took a  Mark Catanon, Form Language class.
Basically we do exercise and explore on how to communicate with shape.
So we only used Pencil/Pen and paper, no digital tools, which I really enjoyed.

Homework was insane. I never drew that many for a single object in my life.
Every week, we draw as many design as possible for 10 pages.
I drew about 10 ~ 20 thumbnails on each paper..... so ... ya. I only included Midterm and Final is because of that. too many papers with too many random sketches.



NEXT is my personal stuff. 

It has been 7, 8 years since I began to pursue art.
I'm really happy to see my improvement over time. 
I'm also happy that I slowly finding my own voice. 
But I'm still scared to think about how my future.

So I guess my purpose and wish to restart this blog is gain my confidence. 
practice everyday. 



Oh god, Charlene's looking at us! Gotta post more art! Post more art! post... more... art...

Despite my work contract giving me the title of 'concept artist', that's a pretty bold lie to the point that it's an in-office joke. Sometimes my boss says "you know, we should hire a concept artist" just to see the look of murder on my face. I haven't drawn anything for work in over six months (there's just no need for it, so I end up being put on programming tasks instead), but here's a dump of stuff I have drawn since my last update, both for pleasure and for my job. There are some other things I did that I'm really proud of, but that project got shelved so I don't think I can share them ):

Here's a thing I did for a personal project, as the login screen backdrop

And a bunch of RedditGetsDrawn portraits I did somewhere in the middle of 2016

Aaand a bunch of stuff for "Aurora: Puzzle Adventure" that I did at work, most of which didn't make it into the final game.