Sunday, January 22, 2017

This week work

This week, I tried to be more creative than just coping what I'm looking at.
Try to do more critical thinking.

  • First image is I found a cool sculpture in pinterest. there were lot of details and was realistic, so I tried to think more graphically and focus on shapes.
  • Second image is Murloc from Heartstone. I've been obsessed playing this game since last week. game rule is super simple and easy to remember, but still very complex.
  • Third and Fourth image is interesting, because I collect random images from pinterest I was interested at the moment. I did bird hat, because I found out bird is very playful and their feathers are gorgeous. and Space Monkey is because Space X recently successfully launched Falcon 9 into orbit with multiple satellites. Glad they made out to orbit.

I think I want to continue this for a while.
It gives me lot of perception and value of my memory.
color is weird cause I'm still learning god dam it.
but I think my drawing skill really improved.
soo... thats good to know.



  1. Look at that space monkey's chompers!

  2. i love these! you have your own color "style" that's a little if there was an instagram filter on it. I think it's cool!