Monday, January 16, 2017


Oh god, Charlene's looking at us! Gotta post more art! Post more art! post... more... art...

Despite my work contract giving me the title of 'concept artist', that's a pretty bold lie to the point that it's an in-office joke. Sometimes my boss says "you know, we should hire a concept artist" just to see the look of murder on my face. I haven't drawn anything for work in over six months (there's just no need for it, so I end up being put on programming tasks instead), but here's a dump of stuff I have drawn since my last update, both for pleasure and for my job. There are some other things I did that I'm really proud of, but that project got shelved so I don't think I can share them ):

Here's a thing I did for a personal project, as the login screen backdrop

And a bunch of RedditGetsDrawn portraits I did somewhere in the middle of 2016

Aaand a bunch of stuff for "Aurora: Puzzle Adventure" that I did at work, most of which didn't make it into the final game.


  1. so. much. wow.
    My favorites are the desktop background and the cat-shaped potion bottles!!
    thanks for keeping the blog alive!

    1. Thanks! The cat-bottles were a really pleasant surprise that came out of nowhere. It was an opportunity to do concept art for our game and pounced on it! Was such a good day.

  2. dude these are sick! :D
    I also like the cat-shape potion too.
    especially Einstein is my fav. hahaha

    1. Haha, him and chubbs were my favourites. I'm a bit disappointed that the cat-collection feature didn't make it into the game though ):