Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guardian WIP

So this is one of the few that I want to take into completion, There still a lot of elements that I want to include missing, but I just wanted some feedback on the overall piece so far. 

Originally, I wanted some landscape in the far distance to extend the depth of the piece, but the perspective wont allow it haha. 
I was wondering what you guys thought about the ledge of the cliff, does the shape bother you? I kind of want to extend the upper right hand area and move it up, almost making it more of a "U" shape. 
I'm planning to re-render some of the rocks because, first of all, they looks too man made, I want a more organic feeling, do you guys have any tips on it? I wanted isolate them more into general shapes, but seems like I was unsuccessful with it. 
The spirt herself, I haven't changed her pose yet, but I wanted that feeling of like when a deer notices you and has the neck turned but still has that beauty to it (ill be tackling that next)
Still missing the beast form in the reflection, so imagine that part haha!
Please tell me what you think! 


  1. Holy crap, I am *loving* the backdrop. You've managed to capture and enormous sense of depth without falling back on far-away-landscapes. I'm pretty amazed, to be honest.

    You're right that the rocks look too man-made, though I think more specifically it's that they look like they've been sheered off because of all the massive, uninterrupted vertical planes.

    Also, I'm glad you're going to be changing the character's pose, so I won't comment on that - but I am worried that you're going to have a lot of trouble convincing the viewer that she's floating, as opposed to just standing further back. The inevitable drop shadow will help, but I'm not sure if it'll be enough to sell it.

    1. Sweet, thanks for the feedback brother.

      So you think I should make more vertical planes? or just break them up a little more?

      yeah, I figured I would figure that part towards the end so I can move her around and plant here somewhere, I think im going to drop the idea of her floating

    2. You've gotta break up the vertical planes. Try experimenting with the "McNulty" brush from Shaddy Safadi's brush set (http://www.shaddyconceptart.com/download). I don't usually advise people to use brushes built for specific purposes, but this isn't really a 'rock' brush per se. It's just a brush that I find has been able to generate rocky textures pretty nicely. I love that brush to death, but here's a good example of my use of it: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-fsds9SPiVSs/UW9nHjgMH_I/AAAAAAAAETU/h204KacuOW8/s1600/sketchbook_20130417.jpg

  2. I'm with Irshad, this is looking great so far! As far as the rocks go, I think he gave you some nice advice. I would also look on flickr for some rock arrangements you find appealing. This is one I found on tumblr awhile ago: http://sta.sh/0r4vufo15um I liked the shapes and the vertical cuts the water has made in the stone. Makes it feel older.

    also maybe instead of a drop shadow she could have a drop glow? if she's iridescent? idk but whatever you do I'm lookin forward to seeing it :)

  3. This is gorgeous David! I love that waterfall!
    For the rocks texture and arrangement I agree with Bree, or even going on a hike and collect a bunch of rocks, take a lot of pictures and play arranging them in photoshop. Roger Dean is really big on doing that for his environments.
    Hope this helps! :-D