Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still lives.............

I hate them


  1. Erikkkkkk. You're focusing too much on doing things quickly. A still life is a study! You've got to actually *study* - you can't rush through it. Sit down and spend several hours on it, analyzing where all the objects lay in relation to each other.

    One thing that really sticks out is that the figure/stand aren't perpendicular to the surface they're on. It looks like it's leaning back.

    What's your process when you do these things? Do you mark your major landmarks out in line first? Or just dive into colour.

  2. I always like to focus on something when I do a painting. I been listening to Anthony Jones' live streams for a while now and he highly recommends doing quick studies with a purpose. I feel that it's okay to "rush" things as long you get what you wanted out of the painting. I didn't reaaaaly rush through this one, but you can obviously tell where my focus was. I like to think about a specific thing that I'm focusing on. In this case it's edges. Most of my time was spent on the black figure and the chicken, and I'm honestly happy with how those turned out. After I finished those two things, my interest in this painting was pretty over. The piece of paper that was lying around on the table, which was not aligned with the figure in the first place. That is my fault, and it when it comes to still lives I just kind of put a few items down without really thinking much haha. Still this is really just a warm up for things to come since I will be having to do master copies and still lives in my digital painting class. I start off with a quick sketch and go from there. Thanks for the feedback man! Hopefully my next still life will be better B]