Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I haven't really been focusing too much today. It took me like forty minutes to finish the damn bowl of soup I had for dinner, if that's any indication. So I spent most of this evening noodling away, trying to see if there's anything interesting in the doodle I did last night. I still donno if I'm particularly interested in it. Seems kind of cliche.


  1. I prefer the original version you had with the table and the candle in the foreground. You could totally merge the two ideas by putting ominous hand on the table with the knife.

  2. probably relax the arm with the knife a little. you try holding something behind your back to that height.

  3. You could probably trim down a little bit of her body under her breast. I agree with Jane relaxing the arm down will definitely help. Personally I think you could also expand the composition a little bit more to right and even flip the canvas. That way our eye will read into the image better. I think that it's a cool idea, and that red on her robe will definitely pop! If you expand the canvas a little, you will also have some nice real estate to maybe put down a lamp or some candles like Anna said. I think you should keep at it!