Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some Castle Ideation

Here some ideas of castles for my visual development project; Dragon Castle
Probably going to play around with it some more before I pick a couple to take to the next step


  1. These are awesome! The first one I gravitate towards is the castle that resembles the shape of a turtle :D

  2. I'm partial to third on the top. I do agree with Erik though, the turtle one (which I assume is second on the bottom row?) looks really cool too - though more for the design and arrangement of the towers than the turtle itself, which I find to be a wee bit overdone. That is, to have a world of sorts on the back of a turtle.

  3. i like two.

    the fourth one, top row, is pretty and ornate. it could house an oracle or a queen or a world-renown university. i could see trees, gardens, lots of marble.

    the first one, bottom row, looks a bit too much like the Sydney Opera House in australia. but if i imagined craggier stone walls, maybe it formed from a mountainous region or a cliff by the sea, the castle would seem more like a defensible place. it would be difficult, i think, to lay seige on huge concave walls.