Thursday, February 14, 2013



  1. This is so Jane! I like it how it's coming along. Everything feels so parallel and straight in terms of the background. It's a dead on photo, and this is just a suggestion. What if you did a slight silt to your entire painting? I think it would be pretty cool! It would add a little bit of more interest to it. You got a lot of cool colors in this painting, but maybe you could throw in a warm tone somewhere. Maybe something on the girl or maybe something an object next her. Right now my eye goes straight to the girl and no where else. A foreground element like a rock with some grass around it could be neat also! One last thing... haha I think you could play up the light a little bit. It's almost like an overcast lighting, but if you play a lighting with direct sunlight! You could have some nice spots of light on the stair way and the girl! Plus you got some flowers on the right of the stairs so those could produce some nice shadows as well!

  2. The flowers are a really nice touch. I'm particularly fond of the colour you chose for them, and how well they play against the greens. It kind of emphasizes how monochromatic the girl's skin is, though. There's no real variation towards the reds that you'd generally see on the cheeks and joints. Makes her look like she's not really alive.