Friday, February 8, 2013

george sand.

At this time, George Sand
was in her twenty-seventh year. She was not beautiful, though there was something about her which attracted observation. Of middle height, she was fairly slender. Her eyes were somewhat projecting, and her mouth was almost sullen when in repose. Her manners were peculiar, combining boldness with timidity. Her address was almost as familiar as a man’s, so that it was easy to be acquainted with her; yet a certain haughtiness and a touch of aristocratic pride made it plain that she had drawn a line which none must pass without her wish. When she was deeply stirred, however, she burst forth into an extraordinary vivacity, showing a nature richly endowed and eager to yield its treasures.

i was researching the relationship between Franz Lizst and Frederic Chopin when i fell upon bits about George Sand, all prominent figures of the Romantic Era.

my macbook's color profile is definitely a cooler range than other computers/whatnot. the colors themselves are much better-looking on my second monitor but clearly different than what i thought i was painting with. hm.

btw, took about 2hr 30min; 11:59pm. barely made my deadline again. whew.


also, i present my new love, the art of Daisuke Tsutsumi because (regardless if you're an illustrator or game artist) definitely there is something to gain just by examining his work. if you already knew of him... GOOD.

he was art director and/or vis-dev guy for Toy Story 3, Robots, and Pixar short 'La Luna'. he's also married to Hayao Miyazaki's niece, Mei, who the old man based Totoro character Mei on. i love Tsutsumi's sketchbook pages. there is masterful precision and engaging character.

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  1. I like how you were able to capture her departure from stereotypical femininity, but retain a distinctly female appearance.