Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Dragon

This one is a little rougher than the others. I kept battling myself with this one and caused me some trouble :( but pretty much it's a dragon fucking up a castle and blowing GREEN FYYAAA! everywhere! Hoping to get this one more developed by the end of tonight. I cant wait to add the specs and flares of the fire! those are always fun! haha

also, hes crushing a castle in his right hand, I didn't render it at all haha


  1. You really don't fuck around - you go straight to the really hard stuff. The perspective on that dragon's gotta be pretty difficult, and as usual, the lighting scheme you've chosen's no cake walk either! I really like how engaging the composition is - it almost feels like the viewer's at the same depth as the tower that's being crushed. You may want to capitalize on that even further by adding some kind of parapet silhouette or something like that right in the foreground, so that the viewer's brought into the scene even more.

    There's one tiny detail that really bothers me though - the thickness of his wings. Usually dragon's wings are pretty thin and translucent - a tear would have a veeery slight highlight along the edge (I think yours are a bit too thick), and the wings would let through a fair bit of light in various places. It's basically like skin that's been stretched fairly thin across a skeletal frame. In fact, that's pretty much what it is.

    Man, where do you get all your ideas from? It's like you've got a never-ending supply.

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the crit man! Yeah, i'm going to throw some atmospheric perspective to help the effect of perspective, I'm trying to fix the body a little to correct it and it's weird but he has a long next and it's doing kinda of like an "S" curve, so i'm going to try and so that too!

      yeah! maybe i'll do that, I'm usually not a fan of that, but maybe i'll add some pikes or something

      yeah! I just fixed the wing, I thought it would be a little thicker since hes a dragon and all, but it does all better a little thinner

      haha, I don't even know. When i think of stuff to paint, a whole movie kinda goes through my head and I try to find the best action part to illustration. My process is usually like a storyboard. Panel A, B, C.

      A: being start of action.
      B: in action.
      C: end of action.

      I usually go with B because it usually has the most entertaining visuals, but it really depends on the mood you're trying to convey with the illustration :D

    2. Also, I usually don't know if the illustration is hard until im like stuck on it for hours and I say to myself "wtf dude, did you really think you can do this?" and that's when I take a small nap to re-energize! haha