Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring break stuffs

Ahh, sorry I haven't been posting! I admit, I haven't actually been drawing anything FOR the blog. However, I went to the Stephen Silver lecture and one of the things he suggested was drawing a page of hands everyday. So...that's what I've been doing for the last 3 days.

And progress on my painting for senior port...I'm still not super happy with how it's going but more so than I was a couple days ago. Repainted the background and the faces so many times, augh. I still need to separate the guy from the edge of the table and start working on the plates and such. Everything probably needs some tweaking, honestly, but I'm running out of tiiiimmmeeee........

Thumbnailing like crazy for the next project for port which I also have to get done by critique next week. *dies* I think I have two compositions that I like out of 5 pages. It's going to be about being outside and having hot drink on a cold day, probably either autumn or winter, with steam rising from the cup and probably from the person's breath. 

So far I like the one sitting at the top of some steps and the last few looking over a balcony, but I'm still not sure if I want to be so pulled back so the overall scene is the focus or pull in close enough to see the contents of the cup and make that the focus.

Feedback on either the painting or the thumbnails would be awesome. I hope you guys are having a fun (and productive) spring break!


  1. How come no one told me Stephen Silver was lecturing?!?? :(
    I LOVED Danny Phantom. Really.

    Anywayyys, for your thumbnails, I'm most drawn to the one of her at the top of the stairs...probably bc of the strong diagonal composition.
    And idk, did you want the steam to be the focus? or the "lonely" feeling?

    1. Ahh, I guess only animation department people got the email. (I know, I'm a hybrid, but I still get the animation emails) It was really awesome! He talked mostly about his own path into the animation industry and how to be a successful artist.

      I didn't really want it to feel lonely at all....more like peaceful and uplifting.

  2. I really like second page, top left thumbnail because it most clearly communicates the peaceful/uplifting mood, but I feel like it's kind of a common solution to the problem. I like your last page of thumbnails, especially the bottom row... avoid flat staging. And that's all I have to say about those! (sorry, not feeling smart rn)

    As for the painting, I think you're totally on the right track and that all of your own critique is spot on. Keep it up man it looks really nice D: I'm completely digging the lighting.