Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Guys and Gals

Hope you guys don't mind me crashing in on the blog.

Lets start by throwing in some Character exploration.

Decided to go a bit further by making some bow designs to be used with the archer. I might make a walking stick for the Vampire also.

Another tier of characters.

Some dwarf goodness.

Can you tell I'm all WoWed out.

And a horse study.

Forgot about this one.  xD


  1. Awesome shit bro!! I'm digging the archer and the Bow studies!

    Don't worry man! I was captivated by the wonderful World of Warcarft once upon a time!

  2. love your chars. and the horse. i like that horse. and the bow designs.
    you're cool.

  3. David: Thanks bro, it's definitely out of my system for now but it's left me scarred. In a good way. I shall see you back in azeroth mate!

    Chejaein: Hehe Thank you! =D