Monday, October 19, 2015

Inktober 2015 and the return! (hopefully)

This poor little collaborative blog has been neglected for to long! Hopefully we can jumpstart this blog because I really do missing seeing everyone's work and being inspired by it! So to help kickstart this, here are my Inktober drawings this far!

Its been a lot of fun so far, sure these been some ink drawings that I totally half assed because I wanted to make "midnight deadline" but i've been more lenient about it and I've been doing about 2 drawings every other day to make up for the pervious day that I skipped. Ive been trying to force myself to try different inking styles with more mark making and I believe I've found some success with it, while others, not so much! I'll be playing more with the Sumi brush for the rest of the Inktober, but most likely end up using my trusty ink brush pen!

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