Monday, September 8, 2014

I forgot this place existed...

It's been a while. So here's some of the things I've done since my last post. I also got my first book cover gig (not a particularly great or interesting one, but my first illustration job none the less!) but I can't post it til some time in October.

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  1. The subtleties in hue changes due to various kinds of lighting, depth perception, and atmospheric mood are fantastic and getting better. There's a sense of 'together-ness' because of the smooth transitions. I have a feeling you gotta take more time drafting the layout/composition more. Things like the tavern scene's blade close to slicing the spiky-haired character's neck are very noticeable; the blade's line goes straight into where his flesh might be so it feels like the guy's head is already a third of the way on top of the blade. The composition for the last two black-and-white images are appealing and seem to be successful experiments. Your interior using three-point perspective was an insane venture.