Tuesday, May 13, 2014

3 Little Pigs Redesign

The stuff I did this week for the three little pigs redesign. I kinda experimented with different materials, and also tried some of the standard ones. I feel like the sillier angles were a lot more interesting than the srs bsns ones.


  1. The pig with the wheel barrel is such a great idea! I wish I had came up with it! haha!

    You're sketches are great! Exploring different ideas of the pigs! They're detailed enough that you could easily bring them into render if you really wanted too.

  2. from sketch the center pig is my favorite so far. second is what david suggested. :]
    that one is funny. haha

    I am not sure about the colored one.... it is too pink for me..
    I personally thing when you want to character/creature design, you want ur audience to look everywhere.
    right now, pink is bothering everything else.
    you got this awesome ax and funny and charming face.
    but since everything is pink, everything is tooo unified..... do you know what i mean?

    you should try with different colors. add some hair or explore more. like david said.
    I mean you did really well on sketching stage.
    but you should not kill everything you did in sketch.
    color is another step to make your piece better. not just a underdrawing.

    hope that didn't confuse you.