Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tied to Something

Haven't posted anything (as far as I can remember) yet. Would love critiques! 


  1. It's Grace! O:

    I really like how you've arranged the colour, I think your palette works quite nicely. The ropes provide a great sense of depth, too - the way they force this sense of distance between the subject and the viewer really reinforces that. I'm not entirely certain about this, but I think the shoulder blades might be oriented backwards. The triangle they form along the central axis of the back, I think it should be flipped vertically, because of how the scapula would be compressed together towards the bottom by the arms. I tried checking this on myself, but.. it's too hard to look at my back in a mirror ._. The torso may also be a little short - just by half a head or less.

    I hope you'll be posting more in the future! It's been forever since I've seen any of your drawings.

  2. here is my critique......... THIS SUCKS!! YOLO. >:D

  3. i like the color pattern, but i would saturate more becuase overall color is too dull. (at least for me.)
    and maybe put like really slight horizontal line or color that tells she is sitting on the ground. cause right now, her but and hand is pushing against something. so its kinda weird that there is nothing on the ground... :p

  4. i don't know if you intended it, but i see an outline all along her figure and limbs. i like the outline, the faded gradients, and vertical composition of the canvas together because it reminds of me japanese prints.

    i would thin out the outline of her waist to her hip and leave the line bolder as it travels to the butt (bottom area). it would emphasize curve and imply depth in a subtle way. i would apply the same thinning-out technique to the outer edge of the upper-arm area and leave the inner edge bolder. the lower-arm part and hands are lovely.