Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hot Cocoa, take 2.

This is about as done as I can bring myself to make it.

And for comparison:

(It's weird, but I still kind of like the value structure better on the old one, but I'm a lot happier with the execution on the new one. Well, more learning to be done.)


  1. Very cool! I like thew warmth that you put in the shadows! I think it works really well! could you post the two side by side?

    1. Its always fun redoing a painting and seeing the progress you have made!
      and I agree with you on the values of the older one, the value range is wider which really pushes the sunrise kinda of feeling.

      Maybe try and incorporate some of the orange in the background? or maybe punch up some of the saturation of the lighten areas? just some suggestions :D either way, they both are awesome pieces!

  2. I agree with you, Anna; I like the old one better for the values and the nuances in color as you blended. The notes of warmth get to me like a cuddly puppy. It feels more nostalgic. The newer version feels tidier and has a cooler atmosphere. ... Maybe the difference in her face? =x