Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Here are some tighter sketches of looser sketches that I want to take to finish, any thoughts and ideas? I know they're rough for people to see, but general thoughts?
I want this to be like a earth spirit/guardian looking back at the viewer and in the water, her true reflection is shown and shes a massive monster

I wanted this to be a action/movement piece and he's like a brute that is grabbing people by the heads and chucking them 

Baboons trying to kill an armored gorilla 


  1. nice sketch up top! I would definitely love to see that one taken further. is she walking on water or is there a little bit of land there

    baboons... so frightening. maybe a snippet of a baboon in the immediate foreground would add more tension?

    1. up top! haha
      I wanted her to be floating, but above the ground, if that makes any sense haha

      Yeah, I was thinking about that too, because everything seems so midgroundish, do you think i should just expand the lower left baboon? like making him larger?

  2. ya that makes sense.

    gosh, I don't know. Though that sounds like it would look good :)