Friday, September 27, 2013

Dive WIP

This one took a little a little loner than I wanted too, but I think it was worth to get the poses/angles/perspective near complete. 
Next step will to figure out the castle and surrounding land and then I should be able to go into render. 

There's some elements missing in the piece right now, like the shadows that the clouds will be casting over the land, maybe a couple of birds haha a cow? 
anyways! tell me what you guys think! 


  1. How in hell did that shitty photoshop sketch you showed me earlier turn into THIS MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF DYNAMISM.

    Oh wait, I see it - it was the second dragon from the top. It's definitely holding the others back, I think you should redraw it. The others, though.. Are friggin' incredible. I'm really loving the foreground dragon, and the one on the top left is so goddamn lithe.

    1. haha thanks! and yeah after a days rest of looking at that thing, I think im going to change the dragon on the upper right hand corner haha. I was fighting for it so much, but I guess I just kills the flow of it

      Thanks brotha

  2. One of them seems to be tangenting (what it's a word) with the curve o' the earth. Otherwise, all AWESOME. The skydiving pose & the face on the bottom one are especially neat!

    Hmm the dragons could overlap somewhere to help show off how high up they are

    1. the upper right one? Kinda, it suppose to be flying through a cloud and cause the cloud to break up into like a spiral-ish shape, that might be it.
      Going to change the dragon though haha, I'll try that! thanks Bre!

      and great idea!