Friday, August 9, 2013

Katarina LoL

gosh... this thing took longer than i thought.
but, overall, i like the way it turned out.

I'm really happy because I found out this is MY DRAWING.
like... I had this habit comparing with other people's works.
when I see an awesome works, I always try to become like him/her.
I try to copy the style such as brush strokes, color, and line works, but  it didn't feel like.... it was mine. even though, I spend much time on it, I never felt any accomplishment and satisfaction at the end.
I hated so much......

the funny thing was when I started this, it became more comfortable as I kept struggling.
I stopped thinking about other people, and concentrated on my own drawing.
I know it doesn't make sense, but it was great moment. I felt like I find my new .... ME.

I think theres some parts that I need to fix or study (swords, pants, overall small texture design on clothes or armor) but ya. I think this is really a great start.

Good job...... me....... haha


  1. I really like the style you're discovering for yourself. It's got a lot of impact and does a great job of blending more realistic aspects with your lighting and form, and more stylistic aspects (with the outlines and such).

    I'm sure your stylistic exploration would make David happy too - he keeps talking about how you've got to keep to your own style, and fight how a lot of schools will try and get you to produce work in "their style".

    1. Thanx Irshad!
      yea... it was long way to get here. but I finally did it!!
      I've always wanted to get this realistic/stylistic style. but I didn't know how I should express dat in my painting.
      I referenced many artists who do this kinda of style. I asked david but everyone approaches differently....

      but ya. I'm glad I did this painting. haha

  2. HUUZZAAHH!! Awesome man! I'm so glad you found your process or the foundation of what is soon to be your process/method! it's an amazing feeling when something just finally clicks and you're like... I GOT IT!! May this lead to many new upcoming illustrations! Cheers man!