Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wolverine Study

Hey everyone!? Guess what! I'm redoing another painting and it's a gift...for the same person..!! but with more preplanning! HUUZZZAAAH!!
So I thought I would post the steps since most of this wont be seen >o>

These are some studies I did of poses and trying to figure out how the muscles work for the pose. I dug up some references, took photos (not posting those haha), scanned in the sketches and frankenstein it together to create the underdrawing.  

Created the line work on top of the sketches

A value study to make sure things are being read and forms are somewhat turning... lol

Here's the first color study I did, which I'm pretty happy about. I didn't want a bright warm orange to juxtapose with the yellow of Wolverine's suit, but I think the blue of his suit helped break it and gave a nice contrast. 
My original idea was to have a mute/cool grey/blue destroyed concrete wall for the background, but as I was trying it out, it killed the energy of the pose, so what else would be cool? what about HAVING WOLVERINE FIGHTING IN FIRE!?! YESS! 

Next step is to print out the line drawing and transfer it on my canvas board. Again, my original idea was to be a small painting (9x12) but as the drawing became more finalize, I think having a larger canvas will be better suited! 

Have a Happy 4th of July! Play safe everyone! 



  1. Sah-weeeet! This packs waaay more of a punch than your original wolverine piece. I really like the play of colours. Can't way to see the finished piece!

    1. haha, thanks! Lets hope I dont fuck it up haha