Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower Power

Hey everyone! it's been awhile! So I want to wrap this up soon because it's just been sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks now. Just wanted some thoughts, opinions, and suggestions before I call it finish :P I was thinking about giving the borders some rounded edges or play with the border lining a little more.


  1. This is looking pretty awesome! I love the print design at the left and right sides, and the detail in her face. A few concerns though-

    1. My eye continuously drifts to the bottom left, with the big, colourful flowers. I find it difficult to focus on the figure.

    2. It's kind of bothering me that she isn't properly grounded. You've improved this since before, and it does kind of feel like there's a surface beneath her, but something about the elements at play there really draws my eyes to the rigid and boring nature of the very bottom of her dress. Maybe it's the edge of her dress that is unnatural. Not sure.

  2. Yeah, im starting to notice that too... hrmmm, maybe I should remove them?

    also, i was wondering If I should just crop it to end at the dress, it was the initial idea, but I did some research and asked a couple of people and they said that it was traditional to have the feet show, so that is why I added them in....

    1. Don't remove the flowers, just tone them down. Right now they're very vivid, so they draw your eyes - toning down the colour should reduce that effect and draw the eye back to the figure.