Monday, July 1, 2013

Geisha WIP

Since everyones been posting, I figured I need to, too! So here is some WIP on the geisha piece. It's about half way I believe from what my "vision" is, so there's a lot to be done still, but I hope you guys dig it! If you guys/gals got any suggestions, I would love to hear it :P

I hope everyones doing well! 


  1. Looking way better than when I saw it last! The flowers look pretty awesome, and it looks like you managed to get some of the flowy-energy back into the branch/tree/thing. I just hope you have a plan for dealing with the bottom of her kimono, where it comes to such a clean and sudden edge.

    1. Thanks for suggesting it! now i'm keeping up sketch right next to it, to act as a guide haha

      of course not! HER KIMONO WILL END ABRUPTLY!