Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Maaan, I really wasn't feeling it today. Indecisive about err'thinnnnn.

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  1. Still looking baddass bro! I do believe that the foreground dragon's values are a little to close to mid/back-grouds. There's also a lot of weight on the ride side of the canvas. The foreground dragon is looking to the left, but it's looking at sky and nothing interesting or story point that would make the neck turn significant, but it looks sooooo cool! so I think you might want to expand the canvas on the left side, and give another element in there. Maybe the foreground dragon is the leader, so it's watching over the smaller dragons, if this is so, you need to make the dragon stand out, maybe wearing armor? (cheesy, but it always looks awesome haha)

    I hope this helps! it's shaping up to be an awesome piece!