Thursday, June 6, 2013

Round 3!

Yup! Another take with this lady! The pose kept bothering me and I was being lazy and not wanting to change it! but this morning I had the urge to just redraw it and do a new design! (it was mainly because I re-watched the commencement speech Conan O'Brien gave at Dartmouth) So I sketched it out and scanned the sucker in! and now i'm doing a tighter drawing so I can take it into color! I'll also be adding the background after :P
Also I needed a buddy in this adventure, so I asked Irshad (ODDJOB) to join me! and he's sketching a Sorceress too! and it's below my posting so check it out too! It's looking super awesome!
Well, back to client work!

Feel free to join in! we're going to try and crank out illustrations!
and also, tell me what you think! any advice would help! 

1 comment:

  1. Like I said before, it feels waaay better than the older one. Gotta fix the stiffness, though. I really like the kind of pose you're going for with a wide stance, but I'm thinking that the leg that's a bit further to the back is too far out. I think in order to be that far to the side of the body, and that far back from the front leg, she'd have to be doing some painful manner of splits. Bringing it closer to her centre should help fix it though, and might make it a little less stiff.

    Also, her right hand (our left) is kind of weird. The way it's bent makes it seem pretty flat.

    I'm definitely loving the flow of the form though, how it swoops down from the hair and into the body. SOOO much better.