Tuesday, May 14, 2013

American Icon : Macy's event

so Savas asked me if I want to participate for this contest for Macy's. if I win, ill get $100 gift card.... or something. i forgot.... anyway. ya. I did this non-sleep and i'm happy how it turned out actually.... i think .... i hope. haha


  1. Nice work capturing the american spirit despite the japanese style! :D I'm loving the impact of all the dynamic figures in mid-action. Lots of great tension.

    1. i kno right! lol Im Japanese but doing the american icon.
      I was really confused with races..... should i do black or white. but i can only draw asian ..... i kno this is races but i thought its kinda serious? idk. lol but ya, i js did wat ever I can express. :p