Thursday, April 25, 2013


Trying to fix compositional things. Tryinggggggg.


  1. tower is almost the same size as the girl now. If i make a straight line it's pretty close. The distance between the girl and your buildings does not actually seem too far. Consider making your buildings larger, or make the girl larger and bring her closer to us. The girl's pose is also on the bland side. I don't feel like she's dropping down hell. Here you are! a fireball! Perhaps some tattoos on her body can bring some nice interest to her. Because right now it's just a naked woman with really long hair standing there. Aside from the things I've said. The landscape is painted very well, and those lit buildings are looking great. Maybe some rim lighting on the top of roofs could spark things up. Anyways looking good buddy!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Erik. I'm gonna try to push the midground back, and I might play with the woman's size a bit as well. Though I kind of disagree about making her more interesting, because that goes against my intent. I'd rather bring less attention to her, really.

      But anyways, thanks for the critique!