Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm growing increasingly bothered by this piece. It doesn't feel like all the different pieces fit together, especially the cliffs in the background. I mean, what is that, even. Doesn't make sense as a rock formation. Maybe I'll paint over it tomorrow. I'm starting to realize how messed up and inconsistent my perspective is, so I'll probably try and change that. Or maybe I'll just leave it for a good long while.


  1. I think its coming along, personally I think the foreground rocks are calling to much attention because its so detailed and it almost has the same contrast as the ship (which I believe is the focal point).

    I would have a strong light source coming from the upper left corner so that maybe a strong beam of light is hitting the ship (mid ground)

    and right now, the illustration is really leveled. Everything has a nice almost straight line going across, which I think it maybe the problem that you're seeing. I would throw some extreme angles in there to break it up :D