Wednesday, March 27, 2013

jane's art update: relearn IL.

The latest thing I'm working on has to do with vector art. Project's written instructions include halftones... I don't know why; it's usually ugly. In the phone call during which I was half asleep and couldn't think of relevant questions, I was asked to do the line art so I'm not even sure I'm supposed to be considering tones and colors yet. I had to email the client, wondering if they're sure they want halftones or could they have possibly meant gradients. I hope they see the bottommost color testing and end up telling me to use my best judgment (because they don't want to bother deciding). If any of you have any tips, suggestions, etc., speak to me. ... Although, I am uncertain that any of you use Illustrator, you damn illustrators. ZING. By the way, just now, I've found out I am missing a one-day exhibition of Walking Dead art at Nucleus Gallery in San Gabriel, tonight. Fuh.

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