Friday, March 1, 2013

end of february.

22. long beach, waiting for the crew.

23. truly forgot; 30 minutes past deadline by the time i remembered to draw. :(

24. there was a lady falconer. and a falcon.

25. coffee bean & tea leaf.

26. this happened while google-chatting with grace.

27. visually terrible alignment issues vaguely remedied with resident rabbits. the colors were better on photoshop. :(

28. could probably nudge the darks up on PS, but i can't be F**KED, men. and woman.
this girl is how i imagine the protagonist of short story Portrait of Lisane de Patagnia might look like when she first meets lady Lisane. petulant, willful, faintly dreamy-eyed, possessed of passion but generally a cool exterior.

1 comment:

  1. Attempt #2 at typing this comment out on my phone, cause the internet is out at work.

    I love the horses from your medieval times dinner sketches. And the minijanes. And the mention of apple turnover is making me really hungry.

    27's colour palette looks really swell on my phone's screen, which admittedly is using a somewhat inaccurate colour profile. But the first time I saw it a few days days ago, I was wooed by the pleasant arrangement if shapes and balance of colour. And the frolicking bunnies.

    28's expression is striking, and it makes me a little uncomfortable. When you draw characters that look out at the viewer, they always seem to burrow into your soul with their invasive gaze. Can't help but stare back, lest you show any sign of weakness.