Thursday, March 21, 2013


Progress. I've painted and repainted the surface section so many times, but I can't seem to satisfy myself. Any thoughts?

Also, Erik brought my attention to how empty the right side of the composition of the first image is, so before packing up for the night, I spent about five minutes painting over one of the low-res images to see how I wanted to go about fixing that. The whole thing was feeling pretty central anyways, so I bumped it over a ways. Overall it might help balance the fact that the second image is much more left-focused. I may want to move the dragonfly towards the left though.

Oh, also: since I'm planning on presenting these two pieces together, I'm not entirely sure how I want to go about that. I could just present them one on top of the other like below, but... is that enough? It feels like it's lacking.


  1. Everything is looking good, Irshad! There are somethings that I think you can do to boost it to make it even better! Remember, these are just my opinions, you dont have run with them! a lot of it is nitpicky too haha. okay, here goes!

    Top image:
    -Everything is looking pretty solid, I do think her head is still a little to small though, you can size it up a little bit to correct it, should take long.
    -Instead of having the fishing pole pointed towards the upper right, have it reverse and going more towards the left to give it a nice angle, because all of the lily pads are moving towards the upper right corner.
    -Also, maybe you haven't placed them yet, but I think putting some nice ripple reflections from the moving pond might sell the over all image and bring it all together, because I know its water, but it doesn't feel like water to me just yet!

    Bottom Image
    - Same thing, its looking really awesome! I love the look of the merman, its very aquatic looking! and not just a person with a fish like tail!
    - As of right now, I don't think there is enough contrast in the image, its kinda all in mid tones as of right now. The lightest object is the hook, then the reflections of the pond/specular highlights (scales) are about equal. I would bump it up and really push the darks and lights in the second image.
    - I would play with the depth a little more, right now the two fishes are on the same plane as the merman, which kind of flattens the image, I think if you place once closer to the foreground, it will help with the depths perception of the illustration. or you can maybe add some type of plant/rock that would be sitting in the bottom of the pond.
    -Again, maybe you haven't place them yet, because its not super necessary in the stages you are at, but the lily pads on the top image, don't match the amount of lily pads in the second image yet.
    -Also, maybe play around with the worm on the hook, maybe it was the movement of the worm that caught the attention of the merman?!

    I hope this helps! bro! but these are looking awesome man! Keep at it! I know you've been tired of them, but they're getting there!

    1. woo! I agree completely with all of your suggestions. The lilypads in the second image is definitely a concern, and I've been putting off making any decisions. Initially I thought adding that many lilypads would clutter the composition too much, but now it might actually help mask the shitty water surface. I'll try it out once I've dealt with the other issues.