Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Only able to work on this during my free time, but I wish I had more free time so I can finish this d00d! but I think it's coming along. I should have him finished and probably in values by tomorrow :P


  1. are you going to stick to this drawing? it would be so creepy if he was looking directly at the viewer. .... it would feel like he's trying to evaluate you as the intended target of whatever his mission commands him to exterminate.

    i like the combination of semi-medieval plated-looking armor with what appears to be advanced technology connected to his mouth, like a respirator. is the thing on his back some kind of flag?

    the hammer is so small. :( make it a magical hammer! ... COVER IT WITH RUNES.

    this would be a confusing mixture of ancient druid magic, medieval knighthood, and futuristic foot soldier.

    i don't know; i'd simply love to see it finished.

    1. Mother fucking RUNES that's what this world NEEDS!

    2. Haha, they're suppose to be like in the front lines with pikes and all. So the small mace is part of a larger weapon. Once it's broken, the can easily take out the mace for melee range damage, etc. They're more about protecting then damaging, but still enough to kill whatever is in their way! haha I'll have the full concept up soon :P