Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep them safe

1 hour and 35 minutes study + balloons and changed to night time


  1. Lol, kind of defeats the purpose of a study if you're changing the entire lighting scheme, doesn't it?

    I really like the colour of the sky, and the sky in general. It feels really tumultuous and stormy. That said, it doesn't entirely fit into the scene itself, since the sky is rather saturated. It makes it difficult to picture it as something that recedes into the distance. In general, I think your colours are very heavily on the saturated side. I'm guessing that in the original photo ref, the colours were somewhat more muted. Spend a bit more time scrutinizing the colours before you paint them down.

    Nice concept though! The balloons are a nice touch, and they complement the scene well.

    1. Also Irshad I don't think it defeats the purpose of a "study" it really depends what you are trying to study. In this study I was really focusing on trying to get those rocks looking right as fast and efficient as possible. I also failed miserablely the last time I tried to do a night scene, so I after learning a few new things from my CDA class I wanted to tackle it again. I don't always like doing studies and just trying to copy everything the way the photo has it.

  2. That's probably my fault because I changed up the colors and with curves and what not to the reference photo ahaa. Thanks for the feedback Irshad.

  3. Sweet! I totally feel for the balloon! haha

    I was just wondering, is speed something you're trying to get better at?

  4. I'm always working on my speed, but I'm really just working at being more efficient. I'm learning a lot from Jason so far.. so I hope to improve on that! B]