Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gestures and stuff


  1. i miss gestures. you have inspired me to begin a gesture series. ... sometime when i finally leave the house and go people-watching like a creeper.

    the girl in the bottom left page, all the way to the left edge, appeals to me. the lines of her hair captured volume and movement, and her nose is pretty.

    i'm big on line drawing. and thin-tipped pens. 3.0 'hi-tec' pens are my favorite, usually $4 each and found in japanese or korean stationary stores.

    the caricatures with the huge heads are neat too, especially the two on the right. they're expressive and the shapes (silhouettes?) are nice.

  2. You should totally do gestures! Even if you don't leave the house. I really like doing them to warm up in the morning.

    Thanks! I still need much practice on my imaginary women tho haha.

    My favorite pens are plain old regular ball point pens.
    OR those Stadtler pigment liner(that 4pack of pens you see everywhere)
    ANDDD ANDD those double edged tombo markers.. those make me super happy.

    I secretly like drawing big headed characters haha