Monday, February 4, 2013


readjusting stairs is annoying. this is karma for thinking it's easier to just paint it because i thought i got ahead of myself. draw it out first, draw first.


  1. lol... i love how your signature is teetering precariously on the edge of the ledge.

    So the stairs, you're right, they're the sort of thing you should probably never wing - unless they're miles away and nothing but itty bitty slivers of value changes.

    So I get that the area she's sitting on is bigger than the steps behind her, but for some reason it feels weird to me. Initially I was going to comment that the step directly behind her wasn't deep enough and didn't come forward enough, until I realized that the area she's sitting on is obviously purposely bigger, since it's square instead of rectangular.

    That said, now I still think that step behind her isn't deep enough. Mentally, I'm probably comparing it to the step above, which seems to be much deeper. Even if that's intentional, it feels weird.

    But what I really think is that adding a fish or two would really improve this piece.

    1. Everything Irshad said has no purpose or meaning except for his last line.. LOL

    2. AHAHAHAH, that was great. thank you, erik.