Sunday, February 3, 2013


used a bunch of photo refs, mashed together in my head.
5ish hrs. took much longer than i wanted, because the image i imagined is supposed to take the whole canvas. YOU SHALL SEE.
at this point, i welcome critique/suggestions. i think the width of her right forearm is too even or something...

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  1. H'okay, suggestiontime!

    So I mentioned the bridge of her nose before (or lackthereof), so there's that. Though I hope you intend to develop the rest of the nose further, especially the nostril region. The shape seems a bit weird, and the nostrils too dot-like.

    Also an extension of the right-forearm-too-even thing, her wrist seems a bit too wide. I'm not sure if that's the cause, but something also feels a bit strange about the angling of her hand... I think it probably is the wrist's fault though. It would probably look far better if the wrist was just thinned out.

    Also, in general, introduce some redder tones into her skin. She's pretty monochromatic right now.

    This isn't a suggestion, and it isn't even helpful, but it has to be mentioned: her left knee is hella sexy.