Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just shitty doodles today.

... yeah... At work (I'm a game programmer for an eLearning company, we make games for little kids) I've been made to work on this series of infuriating ladybug themed games for far too long. Each game starts with you going around looking for ladybugs - one of them in particular has you racing them against each other. The idea is horrifying! These ladybugs are just doin' their things and all of a sudden a great monstrous hand comes to carry them off to race against one another. What happens if they lose the race? TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM. THE HORROR.

Aaaand today it snowed a lot. Between the challenge getting home (over 60 buses apparently got stuck in the snow, despite this city being fairly well equipped for snowfall) and having to shovel it all off my driveway, my thoughts were fairly winter-themed.

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  1. so that's how you spend lunch breaks. i approve.

    really like the second image. everything seems to fit nicely with each other. only things my mind questions are her pants/leggings - it looks like she's not wearing any - and the size of the polar bear relative to the fact that his collar/leash is a metal chain. :( poor BABY.