Monday, February 25, 2013


Worked in some of the changes that Erik suggested. Once it was mentioned, I donno how I missed how glaringly awful the tail was. Tried to tuck it away more, and focus on the singular flowy rhythm of the merman's body instead of bending and wrapping it around.

Throwing in some value - just for experimentation's sake, and to make some more anatomical and compositional issues more clear so that I can correct them before moving on. The chest area feels really weird to me, and his right arm isn't connecting properly. Lots and lots of weirdness going on with his upper body and his arms in general. I think I need to look at more torsos.

A few last minute notes to myself. I also think I'll include Jane's suggestion of having the fishing line drifting a bit in the water, as if moving with the current. It helps to keep that line from appearing so stiff and dead, and also - at least in my eyes - emphasizes the girl's lack of attention.

Maybe I should make his left eye open slightly, peeking at what-the-fuck is poking at his cheek?


  1. Watch out for the dish tangent on tail.

    Also, I would just pose yourself and take a photo for reference, it nail it down.

    Also, sleeping like that might be super uncomfortable, his abdomen might be facing us more, and he would be almost sleeping on his hip

  2. Yeah man take that reference photo, and go all out on this one .. just like you saaaiiid so... ;]