Sunday, February 24, 2013


More revisions. I decided that I want to stick with the merman looking away (and sleeping), mostly because it allows me to place a lot of emphasis on the hook hanging in front of his face... and for some reason I really like that imagery.

Oh crap, I just realized I forgot to draw a worm on the hook. ):


  1. I like the composition you've got going here. The hook links the merman back to the girl and plus where that fish is placed makes my eye go around in a circle in your image. The thing I'm not too fond of is that thing in the bottom right side of the composition. I'm not entirely sure what it is.. is that the merman's tail? You could push that back a little bit, and put a rock or something on the bottom right corner instead. Nothing too big, I really like the space you have going on between your objects and that tail kind of takes up a little bit too much for me. Reduce the space of that and perhaps add a few little fishes swimming to the right in that left corner under his hair. It would be another great element to push our eyes back into the composition once we've been through the circle. I never painting underwater before, so I wish you the best of luck!!

  2. i also recommend you to push back his snaking tail -- have his body going into perspective more. the huge chunk of his tail curving so close to the viewer is almost jarring in its foreground-importance. its size and closeness is too similar to that of the merman's other half, his human half. even if we understand his pose from the other image, i believe you should aim to have this image be able to stand on its own. have fun showing off the sinuousness of his mythical-creature part, instead of hiding its curves with a huge chunky bit of it.

    swaying hook.