Friday, February 8, 2013


The Sparrow. No relation to Jack. She's that piratey lass I've been tossing around a bit. I want to get her design a bit more finalized, and then maybe toy around with the idea of drawing her on 11x14. Getting the feel for pencils again is sending chills up my spine! It's so much fun.

Sorry for the half-finished sketch, though. I had to get it up for my daily draw deadline. Ended up spending most of the evening looking up Concept Design Academy stuff and fussing over where I should go to school.


  1. What? CDA .. you live around here?? I'm taking one class from CDA right nowww.

    1. No, I live faaaar away. I'm Canadian. I'm just looking at what options I have for school, and when it comes to programs or courses with a shorter duration, ones around LA seem to be way better. Canada in general isn't particularly great from what I've seen.

      Which class are you taking there? And how do you like it?

  2. Yeah that's what I thought! (cause facebook wouldn't lie to me) haha. I was going to say if you were around here.. we should meet up and sketch shit. But CDA is cool.. i'll be honest I kind of hate school. Even if I did choose to take and pay for class lol. Teachers are good.. I don't know what else to say haha. Class really depends on the teacher and right now I'm taking digital painting with and it's going good so far I guess. Just trying to network with people.