Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lou fixed

and higher res!


  1. Hair's better, but the blade still doesn't look right. You're so close to perfection! ... Okay, maybe perfection is a bit of a scary word to use.

    Anyways, usually when I do things with clearly defined edges, I'll start off with flat colours. each flat face of the object should be separated out, with crisp edges between them. Then you can add a bit of variation to the value, and some reflected colours and whatnot, but those faces must always remain distinct.

    I can see that you've started to separate the faces, but I think you've gone in too early with a textured brush. You missed that first step of just placing the flat colours down.

    You're on the final stretch, Erik! runrunrunrun.

  2. Damn you and your great criticism.. I shall go back and fix his blade for good.. I shall RUN