Friday, January 25, 2013

Character dumbs

Choose your favorite, tell me why, tell me what you else you want to see from the final design!
I would love feedback


  1. I like A C and F.

    A. It's a classic pose, a bit cliche, but it's overused for a reason. It does a really good job of showing off the character's costume, without blocking too much. Costume design-wise, this one's my favourite. I have a thing for belts, and I'm really liking the shape of the shoulder pad/pauldron thing. The weapon blows, though.

    C. The pose here is the most engaging, and breaks away from the common stuff. I like the white thing that's coming around his neck (is it fur trimming?) but I prefer how it is in A, since it gives an interesting asymmetry. Also, admit it - you spent like two seconds on the lower half of his body. >:

    F. Probably my favourite pose of the lot. It's going back towards the cliche, but this guy looks pretty boss. I wouldn't fuck with him. The weapon design is awesome, I'm loving the cruel, yet sophisticated curves. I don't understand what's happening between waist and knee, though. What is that thing? His boots are too bulky too, I'd prefer something that's a bit sleeker, like A's. I do, however, like the little shirt you've got exposed, instead of having him completely decked out in armour. The vulnerability there makes him seem even more powerful, kind of like a wandering rogue swordsman.

    One thing I do find though is that a lot of the armour seems to be fitted to the pose itself - so if you were to transplant A's pauldrons to F, it probably wouldn't look as good. So I'm not really sure what I mean to imply, but... it's just a thought. Your character design should probably be effective regardless the pose.

    1. AWESOME FEEDBACK from Irshad thanks for the taking the time man.

      I was really torn between A and C, I didn't think so many people would gravitate towards F on facebook. I really like A's outfit, but yes the weapon is kind of wimpy. C is my second favorite, because of the pose and I feel like he's got more of a "hunter" vibe going on.. along with a very unusual weapon. AND YES... I didn't spend much time on the bottom half..I am definitely going to develop the weapon of F more.
      It's pretty hard to decide which one to go with... but I am excited nonetheless!