Saturday, January 26, 2013


Tried to paint a lettumouse. Or would it be lettemouse? Lettamouse? Lettuce. Mouse. I came up with the idea while I was eating a sub. See, the lettuce mouse has no eyes, but it has this tissue that grows on its back that is very rich in nerve endings, and is used to perceive the creature's surroundings. This also makes it harvesting the lettuce extremely painful and cruel, so the lettuce farmers have convinced us all that lettuce grows in the dirt. And not off the backs of blind mice.

I got kind of bored with it though.


  1. That's a funny idea buddy haha. I like what you got going on with the sort of "half rendered, half sketch".. it seems unfinish, but in a good way. The ears and nose really stand out to me. Nice going putting those slight green hues on the Rat's fur also. Would of been fun to see a few chips of lettuce on the ground next to the little guy

  2. Lettamouse is too cute! I wish it was real!