Friday, December 28, 2012


Played around some more. The more I play around with a piece, the less interested I get in finishing it! But I still think I'm learning a fair bit from working on this. I found that the trees were too straight and boring. Somehow that led to a lot of other experimentation... and... things... yeah.

My main concern right now is that the cavebridgething (apart from being a weird and unclear mass of rock) is too close and messes with the depth of the image.

1 comment:

  1. if you meant the cave opening to look 20ft or so deep into the image, i think it's working. i kind of like it this cozy; the scene looks like it's waiting for something to happen, like someone's about to fade into appearance through the atmospheric forest-background and await a companion on top of the bridge, not disturbing the cozy scenery around the rocks near the water. a viewer could be witnessing rabbits frolicking on the sunlit rocks at the water while more sinister human happenings pass them by.

    i've been reading a book; it's making me make up stories/events.

    nonetheless i anticipate your figures and what seems to be a rabbit-head in the fore.