Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Experimenting with colour palette and how I want to approach the rocks. Whenever I work with greenery, I tend to oversaturate, so I'm still unsure on that end. I'll take a look at how other artists handle their greens before deciding on anything final.


  1. I dont think its saturated at all? I think it work really well with the over all color palette.

    and rocks are so complicated to me, just because it has so many knicks and crannies, but I think its looking awesome!

    1. Thanks! Is there anything you would rather see changed, at this early stage?

    2. Well, i can't really tell whats going on yet. Is it just a environment?

    3. Woops - it's continued from the sketch I was working on the previous day (

    4. Oh wow! thats how you go about going from a sketch to a paint? /applaud. I can never do that, I need the sketch underneath at all times haha

      You know me, I love dapple lighting when it comes to like forest scenes. I think it would be really effective on the rock, since its like in between quest, so I think with the palette that you've chosen, you want to set the mood that they're resting/relaxing like maybe late-ish afternoon.

      Is the man on the dragon going to be the main focus?

      I can't wait to see it dude!

    5. Haha, oh no, I've got my sketch there (I just hid the layer). I was working for a good while with the sketch on top, then eventually turned it off while figuring out how I was going to separate out the rocks. Sometimes I find the sketch to be really helpful, but then at times it can be distracting and limiting.

      A lot of things are up in the air, but I think I love dappled sunlight as much as you do! I'm definitely going to cast it across the rocks, though I think it'll take several attempts, since I've never been able to execute that kind of lighting well before. But it'll damn-well be there.

      As for the focus, I'm thinking that I'm going to push that figure back (if I include it at all). It was a last minute addition to the sketch, just playing with what kind of characters I could include. Even the dragon was a relatively late addition, but I'm liking out it works in the scene. I kind of want to focus on the woman fishing, but I'm afraid that she's a bit too central. Maybe I'll move her off a bit, or open the piece up on the left side and extend it. What do you think?

    6. I would do the dappled lighting at the every end, its really easy. I can show you

      and the girl fishing doesnt fit the focus area because she has her back towards us, if she was maybe facing us or 2/3 it would help making it the focus.

      right now, I think the man on top of the dragon is calling all of the attention