Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So I skipped yesterday 'cause Jane's birthday is an international frickin' holiday >:
Actually, I did spend a while painting yesterday, so my streak has not yet been broken! Probably!

Today I started doodling while trying to do some brain teasers. Decided that I've been focusing too much on stale perspective and not enough on scenes with actual character and charm to them. I kind of like this sketch though, it makes me ask a lot of questions.

Edit: I noticed a bunch of anatomical mistakes (woman's torso is too long, guy's arm is too long/awkwardly distorted, his face is hilariously dumb), but I think I'm going to try and explore that environment and scene, and then maybe redraw it and take it to a full illustration. I'm terrified of painting such a scene though, with all those props and hard-surfaced things, so... I guess I pretty much have to do it, else I'd be giving up.

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