Tuesday, November 6, 2012


These are my current work in progress. I have 3 more in line drawing right now hoping to get them done by next Wed! So I'm calling the powers of the mighty blog to help me out! FOR ASGARD!!!

Started painting this one today, I'm not sure if I should make the elf a little larger and push the giant back or if it's okay how it is right now. The lighting is going to be dappled lighting so the giant is going to be lighten and pushed back a little more. The elf will also be hit with the light, I kinda indicated it a little in the underpainting but i'll be more noticeable in the end!

I've been working on this one for way to long!! The knight on the right has changed about 3-4 times since I started it. I'm liking this knight the most and I think I'm going to stick with it. He's not finished yet but hes mostly blocked in already. The main knight is pretty much 95% complete, I just need to add the wear and tear on his armor. The dragon's wings are going to be torn and have some of the light shinning though it to give it some noise. Also theres a tangent with the dragon's tail to the knight's helm, it'll be changed at the end :D

So yea! give me feed back guys/gals!! I want to add these to my portfolio for CTN so it has to be A1!

Going to try and have my next one finalized tonight and start blocking it in tonight :D You'll see a lot of WIP from me this week! 



  1. Man, that giant really brings back memories of The Troll Hunter. I really love its scale, and the atmosphere of the overall piece. I think it'll be even better once you add that dappled lighting. I don't think you need to push him back at all - in fact, personally I feel like the elf's size is challenging the giant, and it feels a little jarring. Making her smaller might remedy that, and solidify the relationship between the two figures. Also, it might be a bit late, but I feel like the elf's pose is really stiff and static. I'm thinking it's the symmetry, it seems almost unnatural.

    For the dragon/knights - the armour looks FANTASTIC. The design's really solid, and I feel like I could reach out and touch each individual plate. For some reason, I have a really soft spot for belts when it comes to armour, and you've hit the nail right on the head with the leather texture and the thickness.

    Do you intend to keep the spotlight as blinding as it is, though? I'm not sure if other people would feel this way, but I find that it hurts my eyes quite a bit - despite having a really cool effect. Also, considering that the sun is right above us and the dragon is occluding it, a pretty hefty shadow should be cast down upon the knights.

    Can't wait to see more WIPs! Looks like November's going to be a great month.

    1. Hey thanks bro! I super appreciate the comment! It helps a lot to see outside eyes!

      for the pose, I wanted it to be like "oh fuck, please dont see me!" because she broke the tree branch and he heard it so he turned around kinda effect, I might have to convey the branch a little larger to hit the mood though, i'll test it out!

      Idk, I tried a less bright lens flare and it didn't have the same impact as I wanted it too, I can try a smaller one after I get some fresh eyes haha. Yeah I wanted to add the deep shadow! I think it'll look cool! I'll try it once I finish rendering the other knight!

      Did you have a problem with the debris? Do you think it's kinda bothering the image? I was going to add clouds but I think it'll be to distracting and I thought a dragon bursting through rocks would be more BADDASS! haha

    2. Honestly, I didn't notice the debris that much, so I don't think it'd really be distracting. I must agree though - it would be hella cool to have him erupting out of a bunch of rocks. Really matches the surprise and sense of suddenness you're conveying with the characters.

    3. haha sweet! I'll throw in bigger chunks of rock in the debris then :P

  2. (caution: designer's pov haha)
    These will be amazing additions to your portfolio!! :D

    1 So I like the troll as is, it doesn't need to be pushed back. Right now he's the focus, and I noticed the elf later...and I like that. Agree with making the elf smaller. Why do you want the elf to be the center of attention anyways? According to your story, it feels that the elf should be secondary.

    2 Super gorgeous! Maybe it's the lens flare (star trek anyone?) but I like what you did with it. The texture is amazing on the left, and the material/armor is well-rendered.

    3. And the other dragon one looks good. You could totally keep the focus on the face but have a depth of field effect (think instagram blur haha, or vignette, you know what I mean) You have a habit of going into detail on everything and that's overwhelming on my eye. but that's just me.

    Good luck!

    1. Woo awesome! All takes these all into consideration! I guess the elf girl is going to be smaller! Seems like everything suggested that haha!

      Yeah, it's something that I need to deal with, it's because as an artist, I'm picky when people are my looking at my work close up, I don't want them to be like, eww what a gross brush mark. That's why I tend I render things. It's a insecurity issue haha