Monday, November 12, 2012

Pew Pew! 4 days left!

So I got about 4 days left before the show and I'm actually not stressing out, yet! haha
Heres 3 more rough illustrations that i'm doing for the show! Hopefully they turn out good! and is worthy for the portfolio (/crosses fingers)

So this is like a battle mage-ish dude. The idea here is that he's absorbing the fire blast coming from the opposite direction and channeling it to frost energy. I am going to turn his hand to look like it's hot magma and maybe incorporate it his frozen staff! I'll add the special effects of MAGIC when it's almost finish or else i'm going to end up spending time on those and then realize that I still need to render everything else haha.. fun stuff is always last :(
Typical environment, going with the dappled light again because it makes everything look BADDASS!! Pretty much the castle is like super white and it's going to shine like a DIAMOND! haha (bing!)
This is where that dragon lives, I'm going to have him flying around with green fire in his mouth to show the relation. The clouds are going to be lit up from the volcano/mountain and have the lava be radiating.

The last three illustrations I showed last week are about 80-95% done. I'm taking my time so that I can jump back and forth between all the illustrations so I get a fresh eye about every 2 hours, hoping that I wont get frustrated to much and get a painting block! 

Heres the dragon and the urge/troll... the lens flare one, I haven't really worked on much since that one is pretty much almost done

PLESE CRIT ME PLEASE!!! not a lot of my ideas are shown yet because I wanted to really get the "gesture" of the overall illustration first! 



  1. I'm really loving the battle mage piece. It's got a lot of energy to it, and I also think it lends itself very much to your strengths - especially dramatic lighting. With your two strong point lights (one in each hand) I can imagine that the lighting on the figure itself is going to be really strong, with very distinct shadows. That's something you're always good at, so push it as much as you can!

    For the castle environment, I think you should try and push those back mountains further. Right now they're really high contrast, so they're popping forward too much. I donno if you were planning on pushing them back since it's at such an early stage, but I guess it doesn't hurt to mention it.

    I'm thinking the volcano one has a lot of potential. The only issue I can see right now is that the composition seems very central at the moment.

    As for the dragon... ): I can't look at that piece for too long. It's so engaging that I get a bit uncomfortable - in a good way! The whole piece carries a lot of energy.

    Best for last, I guess - the troll one is DEFINITELY my favourite. I love that big guy, and the whole environment really works well around him. That said, I still think the elf is standing out a lot. Logically, since she's behind a tree with the main light source coming from behind the troll, I think she'd also have a pretty massive shadow cast over her. I think that'd fix the problem for the most part, since she stands out so much. I can see that you made her smaller though - it definitely helped. Just not enough, I guess.

    1. Roger that!! /salute!

      Yea for the volcano one, I had another idea where it was super dynamic perspective, maybe I'll develop that a bit more and show that tomorrow :D

      haha yeah, I haven't mess with the lighting on the elf yet, I was going to do that last since the dappled lighting is going to effect her, I wanted to save it for last just in case I didn't to change something and I had to work around it and stuff! I hope I don't let you down :(

      Thanks again! bro! I really appreciate it!!! <3