Monday, November 26, 2012

CTN Illustrations

I figured I should post them here since I've been posting the WIP's for them haha. I wanted to thanks everyone that gave their input! It helped a lot and am thankful for it!!
I hope you guys enjoy them!


  1. Man, I was itchin' to see your finished stuff. I'm actually pretty surprised at how well "Awakening" came out. I thought the lens flare might be overpowering, but it worked out really nicely. Forest Ogre definitely takes the first place ribbon though. Love the lighting, and the ogre's just.. Awesome.

    1. AHH!! Thank you, Thank you!! yeah, I actually did a lot of revisions from what I showed at CTN. also, the prints did me wrong and they were printed way to dark so no one could really see what was going on haha. But again! thank you for all the crits! they were super helpful! Couldn't have done it without you mang!